Friday, May 30, 2008

Calling all Derbyians

So I had a new life experience last night.  It was Jack's, and myself's, first pinewood derby.  Now as most of you all know I do not have any brothers so all of this scouting stuff is so foreign to me. (what's with all the cheers?)  Anyways- let me just break down the event for ya.  

1. The 8 yr. old scout comes home with a block of wood.  
2. The boy bugs the parents every night for a couple of months about working on his derby car. (this usually takes place at 9:00 at night when we are tucking him in bed.)
3. A week before event the dad begins to work on the car, which was very difficult for the man that does not own any tools.  (not his thing!)
4. The dad gets the "derby bug" and comes home from work everyday with something new to make the car faster, stronger, better!!!

The weigh-in.
  We were just a little over weight.
There was some sweating, running back to the house, drilling, weight removing, and I'm sure swearing in his head, involved.

The race.
Don't ask me what is with the corn on the cob hat.  Adult scouts?

The competition
Our's is the black boxy one in the middle.  

The winners!!!
Jack took second place out of 18 cars.  

Great job Regan, I mean Jack.  I am so proud of you. 

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Not Funny!

So I realize this really isn't something to laugh about.  So why can't I stop? 

We spent the night at my sister's house this weekend (ball tournament up in her neck of the woods), and our little cousin Cannon taught us this trick.  
Please don't judge me.  

Tuesday, May 20, 2008


I've Been Tagged!
How To Play This Game of Tag: Post these rules on your blog. List: 3 joys, 3 fears, 3 goals, 3 current obsessions/collections, 3 random surprising facts about yourself. Tag 5 people at the
end of your post by leaving their names. Let them know they are tagged by leaving a comment on their blog!

3 Joys

1. Hearing my kids laugh, seeing them have fun, especially if it's with each other.  (It  happens once in a blue moon.)
2. Going out on dates with my husband.  
3. Getting together with family and/or friends.

3 Fears

1. Losing a loved one
2. The boogey man.  I think he's coming to get me every night.  (I don't know how I've survived this long.)
3. Watching my kids become teenagers, and hoping they make good choices.

3 Goals

1. Get a good grade out of Human Anatomy this summer, while still doing all our summer activities.

2. Finish college before Madi does.

3. Someday do a sprint triathlon.

3 Current Obsessions/Collections

1. I pick, pluck, or scrape off anything that will hold still. ie..Reg's gray hairs, pimples, sutures that were supposed to dissolve, scabs, whatever. I know I am disgusting.  I hate myself. :)
2. I don't know how it started but I have a lot of candles. I guess you could call it a collection.  I have a whole kitchen cabinet filled with them.  (& those are the ones not currently being used to decorate.)
3. I make sure the doors are locked at least 3 times before going upstairs to go to bed.  And thats when Reg's home with me.  (you don't even want to know what I'm like when he's not here.)

3 Random Surprising Facts about Myself

1. I cook and bake alot and use a Kitchen Aid mixer that is over 37 yrs. old that my mother-in-law gave me. - It's marigold in color.
2. I really don't enjoy talking on the phone. Texting was an answer to my prayers!
3. I think I would rather vacation at Lake Powell than Hawaii.  Don't get me wrong I love Hawaii, but man, Powell with no kids can't be beat!!!

I now tag: Jennie C., Diane J.(that means you two need to start your blog),  Suzanne or Tony, Jennifer Skinner, and Terry Gammon!!  
Enjoy and I'll be checking in on you!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Cali Baby!!!

Last week we were able to take our little family to California.  This was a whole new Disneyland experience for us.  No stroller, no diapers, and no naps.  It was just go, go, go!!!  We didn't even slow down to see the disney characters (or wait in line to get their autograph!)  
It was alot of fun.  Tyson was quite the trooper, trying every ride we put him on.  I wouldn't say he enjoyed  them, but he did go on them.  I really think he just wanted to do everything his brother Jack was doing.  (that whole "I can do whatever you can do"  runs pretty strong in the Brooks' family.)
Thank You Disneyland and California for all the fun we had.  See you again in a few years!!!