Sunday, June 29, 2008

Sweet Tyson...

It's Sunday morning and we are getting up and deciding what we are going to do this afternoon.  Regan says " Hey  maybe we could go to a park this afternoon.  We could have Madison do some batting practice and Jack throw around the football."  And then Tyson (who I really didn't think was paying much attention to the conversation) says, "YES, and I could catch butterflies." 

   Now I know this is not really that funny to a lot of you reading this.  But to see the look on my husband's face, was priceless.  And I ask you to please picture with me: Regan (who doesn't do anything if it doesn't involve some-sort of ball & competing) out in a field with a butterfly net helping his youngest son catch butterflies rather than baseballs or footballs.  
Man I love that kid.  

Monday, June 23, 2008

Lake Powell: The human body experiment

How much sun can one human body take?  We put ourselves to the test this past week.  We took our family down to Lake Powell and camped right on the beach, where we had the sun beating down on us from sun-up til sun-down.  Most of us did ok.  Jack, our 8yr. old fair-skinned,  blondie, didn't do so great.  We think he got a small dose of heat- stroke.  He was very lethargic, sleeping most of the days.  Not wanting to eat or drink,  in a small amount of body pain,  and then even a trip- highlighting diarrhea incident.   Sounds fun huh????
Actually we still were able to have a great time.  And even though Jack did not feel good, he was quite the trooper.  We were still able to do plenty of wake-boarding, surfing, cliff diving, and all the fun stuff we do down in Powell. 
It takes alot more than heatstroke and diarrhea to stop us from having a good time!  
Bring it on!

Jack's spot for the majority of the trip.
I'm sorry Jack that you have such irresponsible parents.  I'm calling child services on myself.

Saturday, June 7, 2008


I have got to share the good news- Madis team finally won their first tournament game.  YEAH!!! 
She is on a new team that is, first year playing together, youngest in their age bracket, and most of the girls new to the world of accelerated softball.  (You should see some of these 12 and under teams we play against.  Regan swears they live in cages and were bred just to play softball.)
Anyway, so after about 15 losses this year this win was ever so sweet.  Good job Madi.  You girls continued to hold your heads up high and never lost your winning attitudes.  
I am so proud of you all.  You did it.  

Our "normal size" 12 yrs. old girls