Saturday, February 7, 2009

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MADISON (sorry it's late)

So I do realize its a week, or so late and the pictures are in the wrong order, but at least I am finally documenting this joyous occasion.  
It is official I am the proud parent of a teenager.  (and yes, I am feeling kinda old)  Madison turned 13 last Monday (the 2nd) .  We celebrated by throwing her a little surprise party.  
And also in her honor I am going to list a few (13, to be exact) fun facts about my sweet little Madison.  

1.  She is almost as tall as me, and already has bigger feet than I do.  
2.  She loves to read.  And when she's really in trouble I have to ground her from reading.  
3.  When she was born the first thing I noticed about my new little girl was her chin, I was actually a little sad.  I was worried it would look to manly, because it's her father's chin.  I now think that is one of her cutest features.  I love her chin!  
4.  I am jealous of her relationship with her father.  She has him wrapped around her finger.  
5.  I am so glad she is was my first born, my oldest.  She is so responsible.  
6.  I love that she is "not into boys" yet.  Or at least she doesn't let me think she is.  
7.  I appreciate her being my babysitter ALL THE TIME!
8.  She loves roller coasters.  The faster, the scarier- the better.  
9. But she hates being behind the boat.  The faster, the scarier- she'll have no part of it.  
10.  She is an athlete.  I love watching her try her best.  But I mostly love seeing her interact with the her teammates. 
11.  She is so pretty.  She has a natural beauty about her that scares me.  Her big eyes, and beautiful smile.  
12.  She's a good, caring friend.  If I was in Jr. High I would want to be her friend.  
13.  I love her more than she probably knows.