Wednesday, July 30, 2008

July 24th weekend- One for the books!

I've got to make this quick because Regan thinks I am studying for my finals this week.  But I just had to post some pictures and thank everyone who shared with us an amazing, unforgettable weekend.  It wouldn't have been the same without you all.  That's for sure, because we would still be stranded there.  (don't worry the pictures say it all.)  

Just a quick shout out to all our dear friends- thank you for all you do for me and my little family.  Thank you for opening up to us and accepting us as we are.  And especially for your help over the weekend.  You guys are all great!!!

These were just some of my favorite pictures from the week.  

One of the days we switched in the Master Craft for a raft.  The scenery was breath-taking!

My favorite thing about this picture is that Holly (in the pink)  looks like she's got it figured out.

We ended up having the truck towed to Vernal, friends tow the boat home, and the kids and stuff dispersed between 4 families.  But we got home!

Monday, July 21, 2008

Welcome, Parker Florence Wilson

The Davis family is growing.  We were expecting two new additions this August 9th.  

New baby #1 is finally here.  New baby #2,  anyday (right Holly).  
Our new little niece, Parker,  just made her grand entrance.  She came a few weeks early, and is having, what they think, a little bout of pneumonia .  She is in the NICU, but is doing well.  
I can't wait to get up there to see you guys and to hold her.  

Friday, July 18, 2008

Happy Birthday Regan

Isn't one of the joys about having a blog, the fact that we can embarrass those we love.  

I found these pictures among all the things my mother-in-law had been saving for the one who would one day marry her son.  She handed them down to me, in a large manilla envelope,  a few years into my marriage.  (I think there may have been a tear in her eye).    
I told her I will take very good care of his things (pictures, report cards, other memorabilia), try and embarrass him as much as possible with them, and then pass them down to our children. (poor Madison, she will probably just burn them.)

Anyway... Regan had a birthday this week.  Happy Birthday honey.  And just to make him feel young again I thought I would dig up these photos to help him remember his youth.  
Please forgive the poor quality, it was the best i could do.  (I am working on my computer skills, I promise.)

Baby Regan- he swears he had red hair as a baby.  I think it's just bad lighting!

Check out the sideburns on this kid.  I think he probably had to start shaving at age 8.  And nothing says early 80's than a double posed picture.  

Ok Regan the mystery is solved.  "why does Jack always pull his pants and his shorts up so high?"  He got it from his father.  Go get 'em slugger!

Happy Birthday Regan.  I love you so much.  

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

I love John

So quick funny story.  

Regan and I are huge John Mayer fans.  I heard he was coming to concert right around Regan's birthday.  So what better present than tickets, right?  Well I go online to purchase them and they are only doing pre-ticket sale to American Express card holders.  Well my mind starts going because I have an American Express, or I did until we paid it off last year and Regan cut up my card.   So I make a few phone calls, get a new card sent to me, will pay it off before Regan even sees the bill, and we'll have great seats for the concert.  It was a perfect plan.  Until American Express stabbed me in the back with a little email confirmation to the primary card-holder, telling him that the new card that your wife requested has been express mailed out and activated and already been used.  JERKS!!!! a tribute to John, I have set up my playlist to play all John, all day long.  So plug into my blog, pour yourself a bubble bath, relax, and enjoy some free John Mayer on me.  

Monday, July 7, 2008

Happy 4th of July

For the 4th we took our family down to Yuba Reservoir.  My sister Jennie and her family were able to join us.  We also had our cousin Tanner, from Vegas, staying with us for the week.  Here are a few pictures from the fun weekend.  

P.S.  Jack's doing much better, and we decided he is much more fun when he doesn't have heat stroke + strep throat!  YIKES!!!

Tanner, Jack, & Truman

Not that I love being in pictures in my swimsuit, but I love how this picture turned out.  Don't be surprised if you see it on our christmas card!