Monday, April 28, 2008

In search of the sun

Well its late April and Regan just can't wait another day to get out on the boat.  He planned a "guys trip" down to St. George for a weekend of wake-boarding and golfing.  But because of the housing accommadations they decided to let the women and children come along for the ride.  (Oh how nice of them.)
We all had a great time.  While they were off doing their thing, we stayed back and swam, played, and soaked up as much sun as we possibly could.  

Car #1  Just the guys

Car #2 (I think the picture says it all)
Car #3 No picture but it had 5 kids in it as well.  

They even took some time away from each other to play with the kids for a little bit.

You can hardly tell, but that's the boys trying their luck on this hole of golf.  The course had closed for the night, but this hole was right out the back of the house we were staying in.  Pretty Sweet!!!!

Please take note of how many balls actually made it on the green.

Oh look Nate found his ball.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008


Goodbye Human Physiology.  Man that class sucked.  Let me apologize to all those who had to deal with me through this very yucky semester.  Sorry! 
The semester doesn't officially end until April 30th, but I found out last night that I passed my lab final, and have done well enough in the class to not have to take the final.  So SWEET!!!!!!  (my professor drops the lowest test score, which could be the final if you want)
I have one more class to take before I can get on the waiting list for the nursing program.  At this rate Madi and I should finish college the same year.  That just sounds fantastic.  Please excuse me while I go slit my wrists.  
ps I usually don't listen to Alice Cooper, but I've just had that song in my head the whole time typing this.  Enjoy!  Don't worry I'll take it off my playlist the next time I post something.  (a little Alice Cooper never hurt anybody.)

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Is it Spring?

42   degrees
"Very cold air infiltrated the state yesterday and today (Wednesday) it is very cold, with scattered snow showers popping up here and there...along with brisk northerly feels like early March and not the middle of April."

Well thank you weather man.  And may I also say...I hate your guts.   "Come on kids get your coats, gloves, hats, and blankets we are going to the ball games!!"  
Oh you heard me right,  YES the softball games.  For some reason this new accelerated league that Madi is playing in has a "play in anything" rule.  I guess they think that girls are tough or maybe the use of all ten fingers is over-rated.  I don't know.  But whatever it is, the madness has got to stop!  She has a double header tonight.  She'll be done playing and get home around 9:30 (about   2 1/2 hours after sun set and temperatures drop well below 30 degrees).  
You've got to love Utah in the Spring.
GO FUSION!!  (where's my electric blanket?)

Monday, April 14, 2008


I got tagged by my good friend Joanne, but I am going to switch it up a little bit and have Madi answer the questions.  (I'm such an open book anyways) 
-Who do you Love? my family and friends
-Who cooks the dinner? my mother
-What's your favorite dinner? sweet and sour chicken
-Who does the dishes? everyone in the family accept Orange Juice and Hermy
-What's the worst chore you have to do? clean the cat box
-Who is taller? my dad is the tallest
-Who is smarter? the parents are smarter than the kids
-Who is funniest? ME OF COURSE!!!!! :) 
-What's your favorite subject in school? reading
-What do you miss most about your old house? my friends 
-What do you like the most about your new house? my room and the friends i have made

Sunday, April 13, 2008

The million dollar knee

So as most of you know I had knee surgery last September after a tragic little accident involving a lunge and a running two year old.  Well the knee healed just wonderfully.  I have full range of motion in my knee, I can finally go up and down stairs without a great deal of pain, and I even began to run on the treadmill.  So the knee is doing great.  The tibia (the bone they broke, moved, and screwed back together) not doing so great.  X-rays showed it healed just fine, but the pain I was experiencing was due to the two titanium screws they used to put me back together. "So let's just take them out, " they say.  Like its as easy as that. 

 I wish.  No its back to the OR, under anesthesia, cutting my leg open again, drilling in bones, you know all that good stuff.  Not to mention meeting my out of pocket maximum again.  Insurance companies- dirty bastards, I hate em! (sorry its the pain meds talking)
Anyhow- surgery went well, pain manageable, I think everything should work out great. We all should expect good things to come from this million dollar leg.  I don't know what, but something!
                                                           Surgery #1

Surgery #2  Aren't they beautiful.  They are titanium, maybe I could use them as some sort of jewelry.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008


Oh how I hate laundry!  It is what haunts me in my dreams.  It is what what waits for me all day.  If I could rid one of my household duties, laundry would be it.  No, not scrubbing toilets, cleaning the cat box, or even scouring the grout in my shower compare to the hatred I feel for laundry.  
Just this morning I was woken by my kids yelling "mom I don't have any clean pants."  "mom I need some socks."  And just as I am trying to wake up and remember where I am, I think to myself, "wait a minute I did the laundry yesterday!"

What?  You want them folded and put away in your drawers? 
Now I know some of you (mother) may look at this picture and your heart rate has increased and your left eye is twitching.  But there's nothing to worry about here.  There is a system at work here folks.  See that top shelf?  Yeah, thats were I put all the clothes that need to be hung up, you know to keep from becoming wrinkled.  And the system usually works until it gets a little backed up, like today.  Which then causes the kids to freak out for a minute. 

I don't see what the problem was, I can see some pants right there in front.  Sheez!  

Laundry, I hate it.

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Up to no good

"Mom can we take this home"

I just received this text from Madi as I was blogging my first post. Just wanted to give you some insight to how we roll!

The Brooks' join the world of blogging

Well here I go. I honestly thought I would never do this, but am very excited to give it a try.

My intentions are to create something my family will be able to enjoy reading, and to remember some of the things we are doing as we try to make it through this life together.  
I told a couple of my sister's my plans and I think their words of encouragement were something like "So you just write stuff about you and you think people will want to read it?" or
 "Why don't you just try a journal?" 
Don't you just love sisters? 
But before I go on I must state my disclaimer now.  First:  English, grammer, and spelling were never my forte' in school.   (not sure what was?)  So please just smile to yourselves every time you come across an error in my writing.  Second: I'm not sure how interesting this blog will be.  I will try my hardest to make being a housewife and mother of three sound exciting.  And third: I hope this will not be the only post I make for the year.  But it easily could be, just to warn you. 
And as you can see by the picture I posted, (the only one I could find with the whole family. We had been camping for a week, don't we look great?)  am hoping this will help me get more use out of my camera.  And maybe, magically, become a really good photographer.  Maybe?
With all of this said I would like to officially welcome you to enjoy just some small glimpses into the life of the Brooks family.  Maybe it will make yours seem a little more normal!  Enjoy!