Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The cords that run our life...

Last weekend we took a quick trip down to Las Vegas for Regan's dad's retirement party.  It was so nice to get out of the cloudy, smoggy, cold weather,  and be somewhere you could actually be outside for more than a minute.  I love getting together with his family.  They are great.  
I do have to say, I do have one complaint for the weekend.  I know its not that serious, but it's mine.   CORDS AND CHARGERS.  I hate 'em.  If I heard one more time, "Mom, do you know where my charger is?" I was going to kill myself.  
Let me share the inventory with you: (keep in mind, we were gone away from our home for less than 48 hours)
-3 phones with their accompanied chargers
-3 ipods with one computer chargers and one wall charger, 
-3 sets of headphones (more cords)
-2 Nintendo DS's with one wall charger and one car charger
-1 laptop with charger
-2 cameras, one charger
-1 aux cord to hook ipod to car stereo
-1 dual headphone port (so 2 can watch the 2" movie on the ipod)

More and more cords.  Everywhere I looked there where cords.  And every child was looking for his or her cord.  
I obviously have issues.  

I took this picture after unloading "the backpack". 
* It does not include any of Madi's cords.  I guess she likes to keep hers separate. 

Monday, January 12, 2009

Schools back in session

So today was the first day of the Spring semester at the community college.  And after taking the Fall semester off, I did not want to go back.  But here I go again, slowly pluggin along.  
I am taking my last 3 pre-requisites, and then I wait.  
The good news is, here is my classroom for all my classes:

Doesn't it look so....comfy?  
Well just after this morning, with my 7am chat session, I think I've had a little eye opener.  Online classes may be harder than I thought.  YIKES!   

Wish me luck. 

I'll keep you updated on if I end up dropping one of my classes.    

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

2008 A year in review...


March- Not sure what we were doing???


June- Lake Powell, family trip

July- Flaming Gorge 




November-Day after Thanksgiving

December- Christmas Eve