Friday, May 30, 2008

Calling all Derbyians

So I had a new life experience last night.  It was Jack's, and myself's, first pinewood derby.  Now as most of you all know I do not have any brothers so all of this scouting stuff is so foreign to me. (what's with all the cheers?)  Anyways- let me just break down the event for ya.  

1. The 8 yr. old scout comes home with a block of wood.  
2. The boy bugs the parents every night for a couple of months about working on his derby car. (this usually takes place at 9:00 at night when we are tucking him in bed.)
3. A week before event the dad begins to work on the car, which was very difficult for the man that does not own any tools.  (not his thing!)
4. The dad gets the "derby bug" and comes home from work everyday with something new to make the car faster, stronger, better!!!

The weigh-in.
  We were just a little over weight.
There was some sweating, running back to the house, drilling, weight removing, and I'm sure swearing in his head, involved.

The race.
Don't ask me what is with the corn on the cob hat.  Adult scouts?

The competition
Our's is the black boxy one in the middle.  

The winners!!!
Jack took second place out of 18 cars.  

Great job Regan, I mean Jack.  I am so proud of you. 


Nate said...

Great job Jack! Maybe by the time Tyson has the derby Regan can be a master builder and actually come in first. Start reaserching and testing now Regan.

Mindurs said...

Way to go Jack/Reagan you totally beat out Nate's last place car. Nate was going for style not speed, so he says. Anyways the night was a blast and we just love having Jack in our scouts.

dijensen said...

Oh Steve would be so proud--Did i forget to mention that we have steve's derby car in the boy's room on a shelf and that jack can only hold it for a minute? and then it goes right back on the shelf...oh the power of the derby..

joanne said...

Did Reagan forget about his friend named Dan, that has every woodworking tool out there? I know he drives somewhat by our house on the way home from work.

Becky Gray said...

that is so awesome!!!! Jack!!/reagan..... You will need a special shelve for the car and the trophy!!! I only have a Big Scout...and Rob would be so excited about a derby. You are a lucky mom!!

Dree said...

Aaahh...the corn on the cob hat...that is classic!! What a stud...just think of his proud wife. " 'Yeah, that's him over there with the corn on his head' ". Not bad at all...2nd place for the first-timer with no tools!! Hey, I've seen regan use the vice out on dad's workbench...does that count?? Love ya, Reggie!!

Enloe Family said...

NICE!! So this is what I have to look forward to next year. Corey was just called as the Cub Scout Master so I'm sure we'll be getting the whole experience. Sounds like a I have to wear a corn on the cob hat?

Brynn said...

It's totally the dad's job to do that. OK can I just tell you that in my old ward I was the Weebelos leader for a year and I hated that calling. I only have girls and I was their leader? I told the mom's sorry if I turn your sons gay but that's not my fault. The first pack meeting I went to I was not pleasantly surprised, it scared the crap out of me. They were animals and yelled like animals and had weird cheers and ate weird sweets while they were upside down. I just didn't dig the calling. I had a good laugh though.
Good job being a supportive scout mom. I'm sure he was soooo happy to win 2nd place.

Jennifer said...

I couldn't help but look at the bolded words "Weigh In... it was a little overweight" and think that you were talking about our WW adventure!
But no, it's about the wonderful Jack and his awesome 2nd place. Way to go Jack! (honorable mention goes to you, Regan)

27 laughs a day said...

Good job Jack! Cute picture of him holding is proud boy!

Terry said...

Great Job Jack!!! or Regan?? I am glad they did so well. Thanks Maddy for all herb help that night. It was fun having her be my helper! Dang I love that girl!! Thanks for all you guys do for us! You are great friends!!

Tamra said...

Way to go Jackson-they had some good cars to compete against. Derby's are a foreign world to me too, my father and brothers never took part in them. I did not realize how competative the fathers, I mean boys, get. I ran into your blog though Jenn S., I love it. The Ashby's