Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Happy Birthday Jack

YIPPEE!  Today is Jack's official birthday.  He is 9 years old.  We celebrated his birthday last Saturday by inviting a few friends over for a little pool party.  He had a blast. 

Here a just a few of my favorite pictures of Jack through the past 9 years. 

4yrs. old- with a pretty decent swing.

This is the closest thing Tyson will ever get to a real hug.

Jack...what can I say, except for I love you for who you are.  You make me smile, and cry, laugh, and sing.  Happy Birthday dude!


Regan said...

Happy Birthday Buddy, I love you and proud of everything you do.

Enloe Family said...

Happy Birthday Jack! I can't believe you are 9! Hope your day was a blast!
:)The Enloe's

Tolman Family said...

Happy Birthday to you! I still remember you at 4 months! I'm loving the picture of you getting ready for a very courageous dive in that deep pool of adorable! :) I hope you had the best day ever!

Becky Gray said...

Happy Birthday Jack!!!!! hope you had a great birthday week. The rip-stick look great!

Dree said...

what can I say Jack?? You are one of a kind kiddo. I love your quarkiness (not sure that's a word...)and how nice you are to your younger girl cousins!! happy birthday buddy. love ya!!

Holly said...

Happy Birthday Jack Sprat. You never cease to crack me up...thanks for always putting a smile on my face. Hope you had a great day! Love ya!
P.S. I probably owe you quite a bit of money for all those times I promised a dollar for taking care of Mya the menace

Terry said...

Happy Birthday Jack!! Hope you had a great day!! Your rock litte Guy!

Becky Davis said...

Jack, this is a VERY LATE 'happy birthday' post but I love ya and hope you had GREAT day!! Let's get a new scary movie and you can sit close! Happy birthday!!