Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Well I thought I was done doing tags for a little bit.  But in attempt to show my little sister that I still do love her, I thought I would concede.  And plus it's kinda fun to see.  
So here it is fourth picture from my fourth folder on my computer.  :)  
I have my folders set up by the years starting in 2002... I guess we as a family didn't exist before then.  
So this picture was taken February of 2005 while on our cruise to the Western Caribbean.  We went with some of Regan's siblings and friends.  We had a blast.  
Can you find us?  Hint...I am wearing a hat.  


Holly said...

a simple "I love you" would have worked just as well...thanks for the gesture =)

.........Still ME! said...

HA! I found you! Fun where's waldo moment! I want to play this game on my blog too!

Becky Gray said...

For fun!!! I hope you don't mind I do this too... It will be fun to see. I like Carrie's it has mine and your daughter's in it. But I don't see you in the photo...?

joey said...

Where's Waldo, I mean where's the Brook's? That is awesome!

Bret and Sarah said...

I found you and your hat!!! Nice orange swimming trunks marinda, but you really should be wearing something on top.

nickyfish said...

What? No Christmas party? Pete failed to mention that to me. I thought we were going to have the party at the Heritage Garden Reception center near my house. Oh well. Pete's gone this weekend, but we should get together after Halloween sometime--a family game night or something. Or we could see a movie without kids--now that's an idea!

Is Jack's team headed to the playoff's?

Oh yes . . . love the Coldplay! Are you going to the concert? We are!

Becky Davis said...

I think I found you!! Pink and brown bikini? A little to the right of the pic? Too much fun!