Saturday, February 7, 2009

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MADISON (sorry it's late)

So I do realize its a week, or so late and the pictures are in the wrong order, but at least I am finally documenting this joyous occasion.  
It is official I am the proud parent of a teenager.  (and yes, I am feeling kinda old)  Madison turned 13 last Monday (the 2nd) .  We celebrated by throwing her a little surprise party.  
And also in her honor I am going to list a few (13, to be exact) fun facts about my sweet little Madison.  

1.  She is almost as tall as me, and already has bigger feet than I do.  
2.  She loves to read.  And when she's really in trouble I have to ground her from reading.  
3.  When she was born the first thing I noticed about my new little girl was her chin, I was actually a little sad.  I was worried it would look to manly, because it's her father's chin.  I now think that is one of her cutest features.  I love her chin!  
4.  I am jealous of her relationship with her father.  She has him wrapped around her finger.  
5.  I am so glad she is was my first born, my oldest.  She is so responsible.  
6.  I love that she is "not into boys" yet.  Or at least she doesn't let me think she is.  
7.  I appreciate her being my babysitter ALL THE TIME!
8.  She loves roller coasters.  The faster, the scarier- the better.  
9. But she hates being behind the boat.  The faster, the scarier- she'll have no part of it.  
10.  She is an athlete.  I love watching her try her best.  But I mostly love seeing her interact with the her teammates. 
11.  She is so pretty.  She has a natural beauty about her that scares me.  Her big eyes, and beautiful smile.  
12.  She's a good, caring friend.  If I was in Jr. High I would want to be her friend.  
13.  I love her more than she probably knows.  


Becky Gray said...

Happy Birthday Madi!!!! I can't believe you are 13... I love all those great things your mother said about you too!!! I need to add I love to hear you laugh.. :)

Amanda said...

Wow, they really do grow up fast don't they? We are fast approaching that same milestone at our house and I cannot believe it is already here. Madison is a beautiful girl! And you are sooo old! :)

Holly said...

Happy Birthday Madison , I hope you got my text on your actual birthday. We love you and miss you so very very much!

Jennifer said...

Oh Madi! We sure do love you. You are the sweetest, prettiest, and funnest teenager that we know!

joanne said...

Happy Birthday Madi. You are growing up way to fast. I agree with everything your mom said about you. You are a sweet girl and I miss you guys close by SOOOOO much.

Lance and Raegan said...

Hey Marinda, first of all, happy birthday to your adorable daughter. Secondly, this is so lame to do on your blog but I left you a couple messages and never heard back from you so I don't even know if I have your right phone number. My mom was wanting to make quiet books for her grandkids and I was wondering if I could come by and pick mine up from you. I know you are way busy with nursing school stuff. If you get a minute give me a call and let me know when a good time would be. THANKS!

nickyfish said...

Happy Birthday to Madison! I love the photo wall--what a great idea!

Thanks for offering dinner. I know what a great cook you are so that would be a treat. My ward is bringing dinner Friday, Monday and Wednesday. I'm sure Pete would love some help that next week. He's taking off several days to help out with the kids while I recover. Maybe Tuesday or Thursday? If it's too much of a hassle, no worries! Thanks so much!

zoe said...

oh my gosh... i love madi! she is one of my bestest friends in the world!