Friday, July 18, 2008

Happy Birthday Regan

Isn't one of the joys about having a blog, the fact that we can embarrass those we love.  

I found these pictures among all the things my mother-in-law had been saving for the one who would one day marry her son.  She handed them down to me, in a large manilla envelope,  a few years into my marriage.  (I think there may have been a tear in her eye).    
I told her I will take very good care of his things (pictures, report cards, other memorabilia), try and embarrass him as much as possible with them, and then pass them down to our children. (poor Madison, she will probably just burn them.)

Anyway... Regan had a birthday this week.  Happy Birthday honey.  And just to make him feel young again I thought I would dig up these photos to help him remember his youth.  
Please forgive the poor quality, it was the best i could do.  (I am working on my computer skills, I promise.)

Baby Regan- he swears he had red hair as a baby.  I think it's just bad lighting!

Check out the sideburns on this kid.  I think he probably had to start shaving at age 8.  And nothing says early 80's than a double posed picture.  

Ok Regan the mystery is solved.  "why does Jack always pull his pants and his shorts up so high?"  He got it from his father.  Go get 'em slugger!

Happy Birthday Regan.  I love you so much.  


Mindurs said...

Got to love the 80's! I especially love the short shorts pulled up to your navel. Thanks for the laugh Marinda!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Regan, I hope you had a good one!

Jennifer said...

I am not able to stop laughing. When you see me at church tomorrow, don't be surprised if I am still laughing. Thanks Regan for letting me steal your wife and home on your birthday. I hope you had a good one.

Holly said...

are you the first one isn't actually of Tyson in a really bad wig. I want to see pictures from the "Fat Boy" stage now!!!

Tony said...

Dude Those are the best shorts ever. I expect to see those on the lake this year....
Hope you had a good Birthday

Carrie said...

LOVE the pictures! I'm not sure who to thank...Regan for the poses or Marinda for posting them. You guys are hillarious. Happy Birthday Regan...hope you had a good one.

Anonymous said...

Love the pictures! I want to be on that boat with you!