Monday, September 15, 2008


One of the days we decided to just go "exploring"  up one the arms of the lake.  It turned out to be something so amazing.  

Let me give a rundown of the experience.
You get the boat in as far as it goes.  You then try and secure it to?? rocks?, I guess.  

You then start swimming.  You really can't see what's beyond the next bend or how long your swim is going to be, you just go and hope you can make it.  Some of us were smart and grabbed their life jackets, some were not.  Me being not one of the smart ones, was pretty tired at the end of our 30 minute swim.    

The water finally came to an end.  And we started to hike.  Please keep in mind we have no idea what is going to be at the end of this adventure.  

Canyon is still pretty wide at this point.  Not looking too exciting.  We keep hiking, in our swimsuits. 

Canyon walls starting to get taller and more narrow. 

And then just around one last final bend, we are in this:

I loved it.  It was definitely one of the highlights of the trip.  


Angie said...

Holy Cow! I love those pics! Sounds like you had way too much fun with out the children!

Regan said...

One of the greatest experiences I have ever shared with my wife.

Dave and Ape said...

Truly the best vacation we have ever been on. Thanks for the good times. We had a blast.

Becky Gray said...

That looks like so much fun.... I have seen pictures of the canyons like the ones you took.... But have never knew where they were. I'm jealous. What an awesome trip

Tolman Family said...

What's not to love about Powell? I'm glad to hear you had a great time. Awesome pictures of the canyons!

Brynn said...

Wow, so much fun. What a great trip to re-start the love relationship. That's so good for you guys to get time away from the kids like that. The pictures are amazing. Love the swimming suit hike. I would've died hiking in my suit. I love that you all had so much fun and lots of adventure. I'm jealous.

Enloe Family said...

Fun!! Looks like a blast! I miss Powell! Who took these pic of the canyons, they are gorgeous!! Cute pic of you and Regan!