Wednesday, September 24, 2008

So you think you can dance????


Old Marinda- never watched the show, not a fan, and never thought about it twice.  
New Marinda (with a little help from my friends)-  love the show, huge fan, and now wish in my second life, to come back as a hip-hop dancer. 

So you think you can dance came to concert last night.  It was so fun to watch these dancers perform live.  They truly are amazing.  They make it look so easy.  So easy that even a bunch of 30+ year olds think they could possibly do it themselves.  
Anyway...Thanks for the fun night girls.  Regan and I will get practicing on our dance.  

Well in honor of SYTYCD, I have changed my playlist to play some of the music from some of my favorite dances of the season.  Enjoy.  Can you remember the dance that goes with the song?


Tolman Family said...

I LOVE "Do you think you can dance" show! Ty and I got so addicted to watching it last season. I've never really been in to the whole TV show thing....but I got HOOKED on that show. Seriously my favorite! The dancing is so it! I have attempted several of those moves.....OUCH!!! Cute picture...glad you had a great night out!

Anonymous said...

Fun night!! And fun trip down below!!!! What a time! I want to go!!!

Corey said...

Fun!! I got sucked in to watching a few times but never on a regular basis. What a fun girls night, cute picture, what a pretty bunch of girls!

Corey said...

Sorry, how funny, I was logged in as Corey and I didn't know it!! It's me Brenda, Corey really isn't that sensitive.....hahaha!

nickyfish said...

It's not too late to be a hip-hop dancer in this life! I think your 30's are the perfect time to start hip-hop, then you more fully appreciate it, even if we don't look like the 18 year olds while we do it!