Monday, September 29, 2008

Saturdays in the Fall:

I just wanted to quickly share with you how our Saturdays are being spent.  There's no sleeping in, no running errands, no cleaning the house.  Just sports, and more sports.  
Anyone want to play????

Soccer is usually first thing in the morning.  
This is Tyson's first year playing anything.  We were feeling a little guilty just making him watch his siblings play.
 On the other hand he was getting really good at his hand held video games! :)

Check out that form.  I think we got a natural.

Then we have Regan's football, ohh I mean Jack's.  This is his second year playing and Regan's second year of coaching.  I am not sure who really enjoys it more.  

And then we you think you've just about had enough football for the day, I've got this to compete with.  

And that's all I have to say about that.  Don't even get me started.  

I would just like to take this moment to thank Madison's coaches for giving us Saturdays off.  We'll take those those double-headers on Wednesday nights and practices on Mon. & Fri.  anyday.  


Terry said...

I love fall sports!!!!! I'll Play! We have done lots of football things with Parker. He is starting VJ center! YEA for him... I really miss you guys!!!

Becky Gray said...

All though you are super busy, you will miss it when it is over!! My Saturdays are not so busy. But everyday as soon as school is over, I'm busy running kids around until dark. I'm excited for Tyson. He looks so cute, I'm sure he is an awesome soccer player.

Holly said...

I thought the same thing Becky are gonna miss it when you're like mom who used to be occupied every saturday with sports and then it was over, so put on your happy face and try not to think about your messy house or you're fleeting social life..even though last saturday I called you and you were out to a movie!!!! I cant wait till we have some sports to go watch!

Becky Davis said...

The kids love it!! and they are all so good at the games they play and its good for them to be out there running up and down the field!! I love watching them. Take it from me, you will miss it when it's over. Love ya all.

Dree said...

SPORTS RULE!!! at least its not 24/7, never-ending, losing the little sleep i do get, overwhelming and all consuming... I love my job!!!The rewards are even better tho! Hang in there!! Love you!

nickyfish said...

Sounds just like our Saturdays! Do you go to all the BYU games? We split tickets with Pete's siblings, so we only have tickets to 2 games this season. Soccer is over next week and football in two weeks. Winter is much kinder on our schedules--we don't do any Saturday activities so we can ski. We should do a family ski day and stay over at the cabin.