Saturday, April 5, 2008

The Brooks' join the world of blogging

Well here I go. I honestly thought I would never do this, but am very excited to give it a try.

My intentions are to create something my family will be able to enjoy reading, and to remember some of the things we are doing as we try to make it through this life together.  
I told a couple of my sister's my plans and I think their words of encouragement were something like "So you just write stuff about you and you think people will want to read it?" or
 "Why don't you just try a journal?" 
Don't you just love sisters? 
But before I go on I must state my disclaimer now.  First:  English, grammer, and spelling were never my forte' in school.   (not sure what was?)  So please just smile to yourselves every time you come across an error in my writing.  Second: I'm not sure how interesting this blog will be.  I will try my hardest to make being a housewife and mother of three sound exciting.  And third: I hope this will not be the only post I make for the year.  But it easily could be, just to warn you. 
And as you can see by the picture I posted, (the only one I could find with the whole family. We had been camping for a week, don't we look great?)  am hoping this will help me get more use out of my camera.  And maybe, magically, become a really good photographer.  Maybe?
With all of this said I would like to officially welcome you to enjoy just some small glimpses into the life of the Brooks family.  Maybe it will make yours seem a little more normal!  Enjoy!


krista said...

I think its great Marinda, it'll be fun to see whats going on with you guys.

Love you guys,

Kari Palmeri said...

AWESOME! I love it! Keep it up. I would love to be able to follow what is going on with you guys. Love you all!


Regan said...

The new washer and dryer is great. It can wash and dry an entire neighborhood worth of clothes in ONE batch! The crazy thing is they don't fold them for us. doohhh. (Are those your lace panties on top of the pile?)
Love you

Becky Davis said...

Rini, be a MOM! Get those kids helping with folding and putting away! I love it!!!

Holly Knackstedt said...

You said you'd never own a dog, You said you'd never be a mary kay lady, you said you'd never do a you see what your word is becoming worth these days....j/k I love your guts!

Brynn said...

You'll get addicted. Just wait and see. I love it!!