Monday, April 14, 2008


I got tagged by my good friend Joanne, but I am going to switch it up a little bit and have Madi answer the questions.  (I'm such an open book anyways) 
-Who do you Love? my family and friends
-Who cooks the dinner? my mother
-What's your favorite dinner? sweet and sour chicken
-Who does the dishes? everyone in the family accept Orange Juice and Hermy
-What's the worst chore you have to do? clean the cat box
-Who is taller? my dad is the tallest
-Who is smarter? the parents are smarter than the kids
-Who is funniest? ME OF COURSE!!!!! :) 
-What's your favorite subject in school? reading
-What do you miss most about your old house? my friends 
-What do you like the most about your new house? my room and the friends i have made


Terry said...

She is SO CUTE!!!! I love it.

Holly Knackstedt said...

Hi Madi!!!!! You look so grown up....I LOVE your hair you look like posh spice! Do you get to go to girls camp this year!? Love ya!

Brynn said...

Ya I'm so glad your blogging now. I'm totally addicted to the blogging world. It's the best way to keep in touch. I love the tag about Madi. She looks just like you. I thought it was a picture of you when you were a little girl. Stop by my blog anytime.

Tony said...

Madilious :)

joanne said...

I finally got an update done. Boring life I guess, since my neighbor moved away