Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Is it Spring?

42   degrees
"Very cold air infiltrated the state yesterday and today (Wednesday) it is very cold, with scattered snow showers popping up here and there...along with brisk northerly feels like early March and not the middle of April."

Well thank you weather man.  And may I also say...I hate your guts.   "Come on kids get your coats, gloves, hats, and blankets we are going to the ball games!!"  
Oh you heard me right,  YES the softball games.  For some reason this new accelerated league that Madi is playing in has a "play in anything" rule.  I guess they think that girls are tough or maybe the use of all ten fingers is over-rated.  I don't know.  But whatever it is, the madness has got to stop!  She has a double header tonight.  She'll be done playing and get home around 9:30 (about   2 1/2 hours after sun set and temperatures drop well below 30 degrees).  
You've got to love Utah in the Spring.
GO FUSION!!  (where's my electric blanket?)


Holly said...

Yesterday it was so hot, I was outside tending to my beautiful garden (watering for the first time in a week...uh-oh) and I got a sun burn....Ahhh spring time in Texas.....(wheres the Aloe Vera?)

Becky Davis said...

Just a quick comment on playing softball in the cold weather.........."buck up little camper"......anyone can play when it's takes a great team to play when it's below freezing.


joey said...

So glad to know that you have a blog, now I can spy on you! And, I sure hope your weather man hatred isn't pointed toward the one I know. =) Spring sports, they are the worst aren't they?

Holly said...

I copied and pasted this from one of Dree's posts...."Hello is anyone there? You were going so good there for awhile."....I have to say...its kindof the pot calling the kettle black...Get going Brooks!

Brynn said...

oh I would quit. You are so funny girl.

madlexi said...

and your complaining?
u didn't even play!!
how 'bout u try and bat with you knowing its better to walk then get your fingers to burn for the next hour because of the coldness!!!
ya thats right!!!!

me and Madi had to play but in the mean time you were home in a warm blanket.

i think i made my point :)