Monday, April 28, 2008

In search of the sun

Well its late April and Regan just can't wait another day to get out on the boat.  He planned a "guys trip" down to St. George for a weekend of wake-boarding and golfing.  But because of the housing accommadations they decided to let the women and children come along for the ride.  (Oh how nice of them.)
We all had a great time.  While they were off doing their thing, we stayed back and swam, played, and soaked up as much sun as we possibly could.  

Car #1  Just the guys

Car #2 (I think the picture says it all)
Car #3 No picture but it had 5 kids in it as well.  

They even took some time away from each other to play with the kids for a little bit.

You can hardly tell, but that's the boys trying their luck on this hole of golf.  The course had closed for the night, but this hole was right out the back of the house we were staying in.  Pretty Sweet!!!!

Please take note of how many balls actually made it on the green.

Oh look Nate found his ball.


Jennifer said...

Can't believe you skipped church just for a get away. And when you got that calling, I tried to see you so I could laugh and laugh and say "I told you so." Too bad I am stuck in scouts or I would love to be your "Assistant Regional Homemaker."

Kari Palmeri said...

Looks like a fun weekend! Madi's hair is so cute short. It looks really dark...Did she color it? Miss you all... love the blog

Holly said...

Looks like another fun weekend with the Brooks'...I wish you would have posted more pictures...(he he he)...sorry to be of such little help

joey said...

Looks like the ride was really cozy, wow how many car seats can you fit in one car! =)

Jennifer said...

Fun times... fun times.
Get ready for a re-match in the pool next week, cause I am all about kicking you while you are down.
Thanks for being great friends!

Dree said...

aahh...sun. I forget what that feels like. We keep getting glimpses of it every now and then. Looks like you had fun!!

Brynn said...

that looks like a great trip. Good job for being such a good sport. I would've never been so dumb to drive with 5 kids in car seats. Your a trooper. The sun feels great right? You should come visit us. It's great right now. Cold breeze today means it's 72 instead of 90.

Dree said... wasn't privy to the emergency wardrobe txt I sent out from the dressing room!!! Turned out ok tho. Although, the pictures I had taken of me and some of my players at the banquet were not the most flattering. I was sitting down and the ribbon was swallowed up by the boobs and the stomach!! Ha!! Hey, I'm comin to town tomorrow for the weekend!! love ya!!

Suzanne said...

Thanks a lot for reminding me what We missed out on! Where's the wake boarding pictures? I wanted to see some jumps.

Enloe Family said...

Holy awesome weather!!!! Sounds like so much fun! Could you have fit any more car seats in that car?