Tuesday, April 8, 2008


Oh how I hate laundry!  It is what haunts me in my dreams.  It is what what waits for me all day.  If I could rid one of my household duties, laundry would be it.  No, not scrubbing toilets, cleaning the cat box, or even scouring the grout in my shower compare to the hatred I feel for laundry.  
Just this morning I was woken by my kids yelling "mom I don't have any clean pants."  "mom I need some socks."  And just as I am trying to wake up and remember where I am, I think to myself, "wait a minute I did the laundry yesterday!"

What?  You want them folded and put away in your drawers? 
Now I know some of you (mother) may look at this picture and your heart rate has increased and your left eye is twitching.  But there's nothing to worry about here.  There is a system at work here folks.  See that top shelf?  Yeah, thats were I put all the clothes that need to be hung up, you know to keep from becoming wrinkled.  And the system usually works until it gets a little backed up, like today.  Which then causes the kids to freak out for a minute. 

I don't see what the problem was, I can see some pants right there in front.  Sheez!  

Laundry, I hate it.


Jennifer said...

Isn't that why home builders put shelves and counters in a laundry room? So we can have somewhere to pile it? At least you got a nice big counter to work with.

Anonymous said...

amen! But I still hate vacuuming the stairs more. I'm so excited that you are blogging! Brynnley started me into it a little while ago. I think if you click on my name it will take you there! Can't wait to see more. We are in the process of moving so I won't be adding anything new for a bit!

Tony said...

You need to keep Regan busy and give him another project. He owes you.... Right?????

Kari Palmeri said...

Your are so lucky to have that big beautiful laundry room! My room is so small I am FORCED to put things away! I can't wait to have a room big enough to leave things hanging around.:) I feel your pain sister. Love you.

Terry said...

Oh that is SO TRUE!!! If there was a Laundry fairy, I want her to come to my house!! Thanks for the comment. I am so glad for our friendship also. You guys are so great. And yes I NEED SUN!!!!

Mindurs said...

I am not one to judge those with heaps of unfolded laundry because I am guilty of the same vice. The problem with laundry is you can never get a head of it. Blah!

Brynn said...

I love this post. It is exactly how I feel about laundry. I hate folding and putting away. I'm starting to take it right into Hannah's room and throw it on her bed. Then she HAS to fold it right. It kind of works. The clothes sometimes end up in the wrong place but oh well. It works for me.

ps. I started Brookes blog for her but she's few and far between. :) She needs to blog more. Get going Brooke